EO's History

Endless Online versions/updates/releases/dates
Compiled from official announcements, old forum posts and change logs; Correlated by Sordie.
Dates with day numbers are public releases. Dates with just months are derived from announcements.
Versions .06 to .08 where all developed over Christmas 2003 with no announcement to the public.

v.01 (not released)

v.02 October 2003 (not released)

v.03 22nd November 2003 (First release! only open for 1 hour on 23rd)

v.04 November 2003

v.05 December 2003

v.06 Unannounced / Unreleased

v.07 Unannounced / Unreleased

v.08 Unannounced / Unreleased

v.09 20th March 2004 (not released)

v.10 16th April 2004


v.11 12th June 2004 (Release was skipped to v.12)

v.12 11th July 2004


v.14 2nd September 2004

v.15 12th November 2004 (v.15b on 29th)

v.16 16th January 2005


v.18 1st April 2005

v.19 1st May 2005 (v.19b on 20th)

v.20 28th June 2005

v.21 17th September 2005

v.22 4th December 2005

v.23 2nd Febuary 2006


v.24 26th March 2006

Download (b) Download (k)

v.25 9th July 2006


v.26 7th October 2006 (v.26b on 15th)

v.27 16th December 2006 (v.27b on 12th Febuary 2007)

Download Download (b)

v.28 18th August 2007