EO.Addons is a hacky addition to the v28 standard EndlessOnline client that can add feature and fix some bugs and annoyances.

NOTE: I no longer support or develop this. You're on your own with this one.
UPDATE: A replacement for EO.Addons is now availible: Sea

It works by simply copying the customized msimg32.dll file to your clients folder and then placing any addons you require into the .\Addons\ folder.

Here is a complete .028 client configured to connect to Clone with the recommended addons and setup. Alternatively, here is a zip file with the recommended set of addons. Simply unzip it to your clients folder. If done correctly when you run the client you should see a splash screen that looks something like this:

Additional and/or experimental addons may be downloaded and installed individually:

Helper libraries. (required by some other addons)

Additional addons.