Today I found out this isn't the first piece of tentacle "art" I'm in.

I see this funny blur of colours when I close my eyes. Not sure what's causing it.

I look at my projects folder and thank God everything is virtual - inside a computer.

So this is how I spend my day now.

It's been a while.

lolelementz - Hydrogen 1

It changes over time but these are pretty much constant.

Beat that, Apple!

I love summer. Gives me a chance to go outside with my laptop.

No matter how good the firewalls, it's pretty easy to bring a network down if you have the right hardware.

Happy 18th babe! =] ...and just because you're 18 doesn't mean you have to act it =D

There has been some rumours and screenshots leaked about an iPhone EO client I'm working on. Well....

Candy hearts are the perfect valentine gift. They are cute, sweet and at the same time I can convey little messages...

For the love of cake! Stop the evil reprogramming of bots! We don't need them spamming your Viagra offers!

User interface design for computers named after fruit and rain clothes.

Let me explain why you are having problems setting up a private server...

Neural networks are not only fun to program, the creation of "life" also feeds my God complex.

Snow is awesome!.... until you get a week of constant snow =[

I need my own cooking show. Gordon Ramsay has nothing on me!

Happy Christmas from 256squared!

Thanks for all the cards, gifts and sexual harassment!

Hardware manufactures need to lay off the blue LEDs and start adding Victorian steam dials.

I'm really looking forward to next years summer holiday.

Internet delusion #491: Downloading "network security tools" makes you a hacker.

"i have no pants on so that'll be a little weird" --Scott (#eohax IRC)

And my husband said I wouldn't be able to put together my new "office" without any help...

If 256 Squared were manga...

If my MSN status is set to "Busy" I REALLY can't talk to you right now.

God-damn bugs!

Time travel seems like a good idea at first but eventually they'd gang up on me (slow Sunday remix)

Honestly guys. Private servers aren't rocket science.

You can buy anything on the internet. I just bought the title "Lady Sordie of Bavant".

Sausage wanted a guest appearance here so I obeyed.

Almost time for snow so here's my tip: Make snow angels in summer clothes. The snow melting on my skin makes me feel alive!

We are moving to colour! Rejoice!

How to take the fun out of fireworks this 5th Nov: Remember each rocket cost you 10 quid as they explode.

5th of November! Happy bonfire night everyone! Play safe!

Either Halloween needs to last for about a month or I need more excuses to play dress-up.

Forget Prince Charming. I'd be happy with just the Fairy Godmother.

Time travel seems like a good idea at first but eventually they'd gang up on me.

Crisis over. I think I've arrived at something that's both quick and easy to draw.

I'm looking for new direction when I come to draw myself.. It's not going well..

I'd just like to make it clear that 256 Squared IS NOT a comic!

I realised there was something mentally wrong with me when my kidnap fantasy started contradicting with my need to be online 24/7.

I hope they aren't offended by the similarity.

Where is Schrodinger when you need him?

I could have fixed at least two bugs in Seose rather than drawing this.

I really misunderstood Clarke's third law.

Often, there is a good reason not to show people your diary.

The internet is amazing. The sum of all human knowledge and what do we use it for?

Me writing apps that use the wiimote was always going to get abused.

Timed handcuffs - good for work and pleasure!

An open "thank you" for wasting a small part of my life.

Sometimes I feel really dumb. Then I realize I can beat a multi-million dollar super computer.

Normal life of my projects.

Funny how emotions can be reduced to 1's and 0's.

What is 256squared?